Brand is like an iceberg – One Tenth & Below

Brand is more than a logo and colour scheme

A logo, brochure, website, product, conversation and everything a customer may engage with is purely what exists above the surface, they only form part of a brand.

Below the surface is the culture, values, employees, promise, philosophy and passion. A company is the brand, the brand is the company.

The brand is like an iceberg.

The average iceberg is one tenth above water.

The larger nine tenths lies below the surface.

The same is true for a company.

A company is so much more than what is on the surface.

If an iceberg meets weather conditions which aren’t favourable it will melt into nothing.

An iceberg without the nine tenths of ice below it is not an iceberg.

An iceberg can sink ships if it is large enough and can exist for tens of thousands of years if in the right conditions.

Is your company brand like an iceberg?

Are you connecting with customers based on your values & promise?

Are you expressing your culture and promise to your customers above the surface?

Has your company identified the right market conditions to operate in, to acquire new customers and enable business growth?

Are your customers seeing the real company above the surface from a clear and open perspective?

Take a look at how I can potentially help your company branding.

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